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At Bryan Douglas Antique Silver, we have a very wide range of old and antique English sterling silver cutlery in many different patterns. Before you contact us with your old or antique silver flatware requirements it may be helpful to look at the following checklist. This will give you an idea of the extent of our flatware range and allow us to serve you more efficiently. We can then provide you with a firm price quote for your old or antique silver cutlery based on the answers.

Decide on the Age of your Service -

Decide on how old you want your antique silverware set to be bearing in mind the following point. Prices will increase dramatically for equivalent silver sets the older they are. This is because it gets much harder to find an original set, with serving pieces, by the same maker and all the same date.

As an example, an Old English pattern hand-made silver flatware set from the Georgian period will cost on average two to three times the price of an equivalent cutlery set from the early 20th Century. This is purely because the former is rare and is very sought after.

Also, the further you go back in time the less choice you have regarding patterns. For example there were hundreds of patterns available from the 20th century but less than ten were made in the 18th century. So when you choose your pattern, which is the next step, please bear this in mind.

Decide on the Old or Antique Silverware Pattern -

Certain flatware patterns are harder to find if you want antique silver. For example the Fiddle pattern is a much easier set to buy and add to than the Queens pattern because there was a lot more of it made. The following thumbnails of old or antique silverware patterns give you a flavour of what we have (click on these to receive a larger image):

old_english.jpg (26100 bytes) old_english_shell.jpg (29906 bytes) old_english_thread.jpg (23742 bytes) fiddle.jpg (22570 bytes) fiddle_thread.jpg (29419 bytes) fiddle_thread_shell.jpg (29448 bytes)

Old English

Old English & Shell

Old English & Thread


Fiddle & Thread

Fiddle, Thread & Shell

rattail.jpg (30036 bytes) chippendale.jpg (31861 bytes) sandringham.jpg (30390 bytes) bead.jpg (29564 bytes) kings.jpg (32348 bytes) queens.jpg (32712 bytes)







Decide on the Number of Place Settings -

then consider how many people you want to cater for. i.e. 6, 8, 10, 12 or more place settings.

Decide on the Pieces within Each Place Setting -

then think about which pieces you need within your silver cutlery place settings i.e. choose a combination of the following:

Table Fork

Table Knife

Table / Soup Spoon

Dessert Fork

Dessert Knife

Dessert Spoon

Fish Fork

Fish Knife

Tea Spoon

Fruit Fork

Fruit Knife

Coffee Spoon

Choose any Extra Serving Pieces -

Finally, choose any extra serving pieces that you think you may need. Such as a pair of old or antique silverware sauce ladles, large serving spoon, soup ladle, and/or fish serving knife & fork.

We hope that this helps you but please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements or questions that you may have concerning any antique silver flatware or old silverware cutlery sets.

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