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Antique Silver sugar scuttles Description:

A table silverware item for holding and serving sugar. Often shaped like a coal scuttle hence the name.

Antique Silver sugar scuttles History:

These were Victorian inventions and the first examples appeared in the 1850s. Many unusual items were first introduced in this period to coincide with the Great Exhibitions. They were made throughout the latter part of the Victorian period and into the early 20th century. They went out of vogue after the second World War and are not being made today except by special order.

Antique Silver sugar scuttles Design:

Always in the shape of a coal scuttle with a slanted body open at one end and sitting on a pedestal foot, together with a matching serving spoon that was hung either on a handle or on the scuttle lip. Many were hand engraved or chased with floral work and had applied edges with bead or gadroon work.

Antique Silver sugar scuttles Collectors Note:

The vast majority were made in silver plate. Sterling silver examples are very rare and therefore command much higher prices. Electroplated base metal examples are quite common but are often in bad condition, and you should stear clear of these. A good quality Victorian EPNS example would be a wiser choice. Many of them are now missing their spoons. If there is a spoon make sure that it is original by looking at the shape, decoration, and how it is attached to the main body.

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